Pre Press Screen Printing Services

Standard Print size up to 12.5” x 12.5” max - FREE

Oversize Print size 12.5” x 16.5” max - Add $.50 per garment

Screen Charges - $20 per screen for new logo/design; $10 reset per screen for reorders

Graphic Design/Artwork Fees - $30 per hour, sometimes waived, depending on complexity

Ink Blend or Pantone Color Match - $12.00

On Press Screen Printing Services

$.25 Flash charge per garment (for medium to dark color garments) **OPTIONAL**

$10.00 color change mid-run (changing ink color because apparel color is different or to color change all or part of screened image)

Folding - $.25 per garment **OPTIONAL**

Tennessee Tax applies & must be added to total purchase unless your organization is tax exempt, in which case we must have your tax exemption paperwork on file.


​​​To get a price quote on screen printed products with your artwork, we need a few things:

- Product selection, sizes, colors (t-shirts, hoodies, bags, etc)
- Quantity of each product
- The number of print locations (front only, back only, front & back, sleeve, etc.)
- The number of colors in each print location
- Production-Ready artwork

Frequently answered design and production questions

Q. - How are shirts priced that you would like to order with your artwork/logo on them?

​A. - With professional screen printing, each color in a design is setup and exposed onto a screen. If you had a 4 color design, it would take 4 screens to print that design.
Once the screens are setup on the press, the t-shirts or other garments can be printed quickly. If staying within a strict budget is necessary, it is best to have fewer colors in your design, especially if you want a smaller quantity of t-shirts (12-48).

Q. How do i submit my artwork?

A. In order to get a great print we will need files in .ai or .eps (vector format). Please "outline" or "render" all fonts to deactivate the fonts before submitting. Also, please let us know what colors to match for your design. You can tell us "kelly green" or "royal blue" for example, but for more specific color needs use this Pantone/PMS Color Guide (PDF format).

If your artwork is not "production-ready" then we will have to prepare it for you at a rate of $30/hour in 1/2 hour increments. The minimum art setup fee is $10 because 99% of the time graphics submitted are not ready to go into production and we must take the time to prepare them. But we will analyze your graphics and let you know ahead of time of any additional setup fees.

​Q. What kind of shirts do you have?

A. Your apparel choices are unlimited, but the most efficient process for picking a style is our online catalog. Let us know the style numbers and colors you like. If you're not exactly sure what kind of t-shirts you want we can suggest some for you. When requesting a quote, please get us up to speed on what your project or brand is about so that we can suggest a "package" that will fit your needs.

Q. What is a screen? Why is there a screen fee?

A screen is basically like a picture frame with a mesh stretched across it. It is coated in photosensitive emulsion - like elmer's glue with photo sensitivity. Your graphic is placed onto this screen and it is placed in a vacuum/exposure unit. When the light hits the image, it blocks the light. Then the screen is washed out and your image appears on the screen. The screen is then ready to have ink pulled through it and onto your shirts! The entire process is labor-intensive so we charge an industry-standard screen fee. But once it's set up, most of the work is done. So if you re-order the same design (same screen used) you'll save money in the long run with our low reset fee.

​Q. What are your minimums? What if I only need a few tees printed?

A. We try to keep the minimum order to 12 shirts. But if you only need a few tees for some special reason, tell us about the job and we'll try to make an exception. But because much of the process is in set-up and clean-up, we would have to charge a much higher fee per shirt than we do for larger orders.

Q. How fast are your turn-arounds?

A. We're pretty darn fast. Depending on how many shirts you need and how complicated your design is, we can usually turn your job around within a week or so. If you have a special rush job, let us know and we'll see what we can do. 

Q. Do you print Team Sports apparel?

A. To get a price quote on Team Sports apparel please contact us. There are many options to choose from that will be high quality, yet economical. 

​Q. Why should we choose Ink'n Screens over the competition?

A. We try to keep things simple and efficient through every step of the process from quote to delivery. We strive to minimize cost and time. We know you need your shirts fast, you want them to look great, and you need the entire process to be quick and easy so that you can get back to work on other things. Ultimately, we provide the kind of workmanship, service and price to keep customers coming back.

Got more questions? Email for answers. (or call 615-815-6737)