Custom Apparel that's Riot-Worthy!

We work with tons of groups to create awesome custom t-shirts for all types of events and get togethers. With no minimums, great customer service, and our low prices, Ink'n Screens is the place to be for your custom T-shirts!

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If you've been reading the news lately, you're well aware that we're surrounded by violence, protests, and riots. All of which are filled full of tear gas, batons and police cars set on fire.

But what does one wear to a riot? Something riot-worthy that's for sure! Whether you’re in it for the protest or an opportunist looking for some free stuff, you need to make sure you’re wearing the right clothes.

If you’re a Protestor:  Nothing says “Pay attention to my cause” like a custom t-shirt.  Organize with the other Do-Gooders to design a shirt that embodies your beliefs in a brief, affordable way.  Take a look at the discount Ink'n Screens has to offer for bulk shirts; choose from a variety of colors to coordinate your cause.  Try the Gildan Heavy Cotton T-shirt as sizes range from youth to 6XL available in 30 colors.  Durable enough for the long, hard fight, yet in classic styles that can be passed down to generations.  If you’re going to take a stand, don’t fall for gimmicks.

If you’re a Rioter:  Just sitting around your apartment waiting for a verdict?  Before that happens, take a look at all the custom hoodies Ink'n Screens has to offer.  After all, it’s getting cold, you don’t want to be identified on surveillance camera and you need something with pockets!  Check out the Gildan Heavy Blend Hooded Sweatshirt - the top choice of America’s Most Wanted.  The thick cotton will insulate your sensitive skin from broken glass or a harsh winter’s breeze.  Just remember to get a quick quote online -  no storefront to break here.